Mr Dewer asked my if I was purchase, I could see whar he was was going wae it but I never kent it was far worse than hid!

Posted in Uncategorized on February 6, 2010 by Bethany_Vile

Ahm still here James am a no? FACE, ARMS, LEGS, TWAT, ARSEHOLE?

No, you are not.

How no?

You deleted the relevant information, the code that makes you, essentially you. There are still pieces of your code floating about in the webosphere, and the realosphere, and the

Fuck THAT James, i’ll osphere your cuntosphere right where the sun don’t burn out at the end of it’s days leaving all life on earth to kick the cunting bucket, pishing it’s last all huddled together in some ironic landfill that was so last yesterday. Talk straight ye wanker, give it to like it’s the old days ken?

I’ll cut to the chase, you’ve effectively rendered yourself persistently vegitative.

But that’s fuck aw these days, i read it in the Sun innit?

Tabloids leaping on a misunderstood finding by doctors, you may be sounding off as we speak but your words are empty and hollow like my cock after i’ve done a splurge in a lady.

James, the only splurging you do is up the arsehole a y chromosome fuckface with liver damage and 3 divorces behind him.